Greetings and Welcome to Nonpartisan Media.

Nonpartisan Media was started to report on information and News that the main stream media won’t necessary touch. regardless of if it is right wing and or left wing we will report it and expose it. We will just provide you the facts (Sometimes our own opinions) and it is up to you to make up your own mind on where you stand.

Update: Due to YouTube not sending out notifications regarding recently uploaded videos, we have added a Newsletter feature to the site that will notification people on the list once a day of the latest videos. If you would like to join this list then simply type your email address in the Newsletter box on the right, click submit and verify your email when it comes though to your email address you entered.

Live Show:
Once a week we go though and host a live show on YouTube where we cover the news that we missed though out the week, show funny videos and also talk live to people that join the Discord. This show is hosted on our Youtube channel and you can find the links to that below in the Social Media Links section.

Live Show Times:
AEST: 12:01 am Monday Mornings
PST: 7:01 am Sunday Morning
EST: 9:01 am Sunday Morning
UK (London): 3:01 pm Sunday Afternoon
Sweden (Stockholm): 4:01 pm Sunday Afternoon

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